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Speech Goals believes in and adheres to the natural environments policy for Early Start Services through Golden Gate Regional Center. We provide services in the child and family’s most natural occurring environment such as the chid’s home, in community play groups, parks, in preschools and daycares.

Evaluation and therapy is tailored to your child based on likes and interests. Goals are specific and developed that the SLP feels are most relevant and functional to the child and the family. Parents and family members are included in on all parts of the therapy process to ensure carryover and practice into everyday routines.


  • Consultation
  • Speech and Language Screening
  • Pre-K Speech and Language Programs (Ages 3-5)
  • Early Intervention Speech Groups
  • Social Skills Therapy One-on-One & Group
  • Articulation and Speech Therapy
  • Language Skills Therapy One-on-One
  • Social Skills Therapy One-on-One & Group
  • Parent/Provider Training Consultations
  • ABA Services
  • Behavioral Consultations and Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Workshops
  • Mobile and Skype Screenings
  • Mobile Playgroups
  • Records Review


At Speech Goals, we offer an eclectic and highly effective range of activities in therapy, using Stanley Greenspan’s Floortime Model, ABA, Hanen techniques, as well as a mixture of adult- and child-led activities. This unique and powerful approach to speech language development yields meaningful results because it promotes change within your entire family and not just your child.


The speech language pathologist (SLP) develops obtainable goals for you, the parent, and your child at the beginning of each class. Parents then work to achieve those goals through a variety of play-based activities, provided by the SLP, during the therapy session. It’s constructive play time for you and your child!


As therapists, we seek to build on the strong, innate bond between you and your child in order to remove common roadblocks to therapy like personality incompatibility with your therapist and your child’s unique style and pace of learning. In the final assessment, you are your child’s best teacher. We seek to provide you with proven tools and strategies with which you can encourage language skills. That’s why the therapy does not stop when you leave the therapy session.


The therapy encourages you to incorporate shared reading into the daily routine, and shows you, using research-based principles, how to read in an effective way to your child. It teaches parents the power of adding routines to a child’s daily life to encourage language and learning.

These valuable techniques teach you alternatives to turning on the television, while building on play routines and encouraging both social awareness and interaction between children. Last but not least, the therapy teaches children to organize and clean up after themselves.


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